Welcome To Lucy Insurance S.C.

Lucy Insurance S.C. was established in 2012 with 39 Visionary Shareholders who are renowned business people involved in various businesses in the country. The company was established with a paid up capital of birr 8,035,000.

Head Office

Head Office

The company has grown its Paid up Capital to Birr 75,000,000.00 as per the Directive of the National Bank of Ethiopia that requires Insurance companies to raise their minimum paid up capital to 60,000,000.00 and 75,000,000.00 for General Insurance & General & Life Insurance respectively. As of today, the number of the company’s shareholders reached 508. In its annual meeting of shareholders it was decided that the company’s paid up capital has to be raised to Birr 200,000,000.00.

In the first year of its establishment Lucy was able to make a modest profit which shows that it is building its financial strength from the very beginning. The profitability has continued for the second year that made the shareholders to reap the fruit of their sweat by distributing 28.3% dividend per share. For another third year the company was able to get a profit of over birr 10,000,000 before tax and the forth year was marked by getting a profit of over birr 15,000,000 before tax.

Lucy has been rendering the insurance service to the society on Lucy Tower found next to Waryt. In its view of expanding its service in different places of Addis Ababa as well as in the country, it has opened nineteen branch offices in Addis Ababa (Main, Merkato, Megenagna, Stadium, Bole, Kality, Haya Hulet, Piassa, Yerer, Kera, Lideta, Bole Medhanialem, Yoseph, Addisu Gebeya, CMC, Lebu, Arat Kilo, Beklobet and Habte Gorgis) and six branch offices in Hawassa, Adama, Mekele , Wolaita Sodo, Debre Berhan and Bahirdar. Therefore, including its Main Branch, it has got twenty five branches.

Who Is Lucy Insurance S.C.

Lucy insurance envisions to be one of the best five private insurance companies in Ethiopia by 2030 by offering insurance products at affordable premiums using all marketing channels.

  • To provide dependable insurance services and engage in lucrative investment activities using capable manpower and modern technology.
  • The Company strives to satisfy its customers and increases shareholders’ value through discharging its corporate social responsibility.
Trust and Trustworthiness:

Integrity-trust and trustworthiness, together, must characterize our actions – as individuals and collectively as a share company. We expect that our actions will be consistent with our words; and that we will demonstrate honesty and ethical behaviour and will address the needs of the clients. In other words, we operate based on the principle of Utmost good faith.


We enthusiastically strive to improve our share company, and we eagerly accept diverse challenges and opportunities both at work and in the community we serve. We pledge to make wise use of resources, including financial resources, time, ability, and facilities that the share company provides.


The share company believes that we should take full accountability for our actions and activities in the pursuit of achieving the established goals and objectives of the share company and in responding to clients’ inquiry.

Excellence: We make sure Lucy Insurance Company is there to serve you in your time of need.

We work with a broad range of partners to bring synergy and diverse viewpoints in the day –to-day operations of our share company.


Lucy Insurance believes in innovation of new and creative insurance products and services as a result businesses and individuals shall always feel safe and protected.

Learning Organization:

We strive to be a learning organization by regularly adapting to a new way of doing insurance services.

Team work:

We strongly believe that team work not only brings synergy among our stakeholders but also promotes a healthy workplace relationship. Our independent agent and company staff work as a team to serve the ever growing needs of the clients.


We hire our employees and serve our clients without discriminating in gender, creed and social status.