The COVID 19 pandemic, which is gradually becoming unparalleled threat to business and
lives globally, forces financial institutions as Lucy to react as swiftly as possible.

The measures taken by the company in a bid to contain the spread of the deadly virus
includes minimizing the number of employees at densely populated offices by advising them
to take their annual leave by giving a special focus to highly vulnerable employees as
mothers who breast feed their children and expectant mothers who do not have annual
leave to work every other day, providing sanitary materials at the entrance of the building
so that every individual disinfects his hands before entering and holding necessary
management meetings with Video Conference.

Moreover, a task force has recently been formed so as to closely supervise if the virus
spread control steps are implemented in light of the Workplace Response Protocol by
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and as per the State of Emergency declared by the
Council of Ministers. The Task force has identified the measures taken so far and the
ones to be done subsequently a report of which is to be presented shortly.

The other measure taken is creating awareness with customers in particular and
stakeholders in general by using the company’s website, TV advertisement and good wish
messages in relation with Easter Holiday.